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Thursday, March 11, 2010 12:12 AM

Not much, a video to share (= love it

FINE,im here to update my blog
Thursday, February 25, 2010 2:51 PM

Seriously, i cant rem when did i updated my blog until i look at the date. P.s la friends. I rarely take pics with my phone and camera so dun expect that i am going to upload tons of pics for this post.

List of activities
2th of Jan 2010- I asked 26 of my primary class mates out for a gathering at sunway pyramid and that was really awesome. Try to imagine 20+ peepos walking together in the shopping complex =p We went to sunway red box for karaoke in the morning and the room was so so so big( with 2 tvs, and 1 stage and sofas which can occupied 30+ ppl in the room) P.s i don't have any pics of it =p . After that some of us decided to go for ice skating and half of them went to yamcha at some random place. Grats to Vincent, He got a wonderful experience on ice skating =p Who those who concern, he paid 20+ bucks to pokai =p We gathered and have our dinner together at burger king=p
*Thanks to peimun for getting me the contact list and make everything bravo :D
*Thanks to yaunan , vincent for transport
*Speacial thanks to all my friends who attended the gathering(who those who never, dont feeel sad )

9th&10th of Jan- Genting trip ! with my tuition mates. Maybe i should have went to kl sentral to buy the bus tickets few days earlier -.- If u buy on that day, u will never get it so we end up taking cab . Everything was okae, 3 cabs up, 1 bus down. Bring 200 bucks will do for 2 days 1 night trip to genting =D from morning 11am-8pm none stop walking and my legs.. lol? Night the boys gambled in their room ( claps to them, they meiyou sleep) Morning, ofcuz breakfast la, then we walk around 1st world and ended up went down to kl sentral at 3pm on 10th.
*The space shot was still so song even i have ride on it for few times( PLS LA MR TANG, dun b a suk chun next time)
*I get to meet new friends =p and thanks everybody for making the trip successful.

19th of Jan-12th of Feb
-.- WORK LA, seriously working is soo damn boring and tiring. Morning shift 10am-6pm , afternoon shift 2pm-10pm. I'm bored with the public transport , morning 7.30 wake up, bath--breakfast--take bus--take ktm. What pissed me off was the stupid ktm blaaa...

12th Feb Night-Steamboat =p total 16 peepos. You guys must understand, whenever i try to put on an outing, my phone's credit will.. sob ); so pls be thankful. And faaaaaaaaaaaaa.. that la, on that day, i cant sleep bcus of stomach ache. Taktau what i ate.

17th of Feb- Went to Cheng Mun, Wanyee, Yong zheng's house for bainian and at night we makan seafood at a restaurant in serdang =p What we have order.. Crab,Fish,Pork Taufu. Before we back, we took few pictures, again i don't have it -.- then chengmun fetched us back.
(I will continue to update when i feel like it)

Sunday, November 29, 2009 6:55 PM

Lets Visit the loo


A post bfor spm
Thursday, November 12, 2009 11:02 PM

I found this 2 videos really laugh my hell out , watch it lol.

The stupid test gonna last for quiet long, and i'm going for my driving test 1 day before the exam ;D bless me yea. Some ppl might think that im SIAO? -.- yeah abit la, but who cares. God bless me not to fail my driving test baa.

I'm going for my hair cut only after the exam, i guess it will grow and grow til quiet long.
There are few movies i wanna watch after the exam O:
1)NEW MOON ( i guess most of my friends in the class wanna watch it badly right?)
2)2012( END OF THE WORLD- (WE were warned ) !
I am gonna freaking broke after that. My wallet is holed ):

Quiet looking forward to 31st of DEC( COUNT DOWN ) and 9th of JAN which i'll hav a trip genting with my tuition mates.

Yeah guys, im planning a trip to Pulau Redang Next year, most probably in MARCH. We will talk bout that only after the stupid exam.

Tuition is over? and no more tuition for me after EXAM ROFL! But i'll miss all of ya.
School End, and i will surely miss everyone of u , my friends.
All of us are going different directions in the future, but i guess we will meet someday in the future. LOVE YA, guys!

TOMORROW we will have our class party! Please la, I had enough for junk food and stupid soft drinks( although i like 100+) Everything will run smoothly tmr! Hope to catch some photos tmr =]

Sleep well all my friends, sweet dreams ღ

Sunday, October 18, 2009 10:24 AM

Celebrated Seak yin's bdae on friday (:
昨天刚看完37集的仙剑3,觉得超赞的!我想我会迷上仙剑3一阵子吧 =p
今天7点起床,就到外去学车,蛮tention 的说,不过一切都还顺利



我超希望仙剑4能快快的开拍 =]

Sunday, October 4, 2009 12:00 PM

Woke up quiet early in the morning. WCG 2009 held @ cyber time this year =] i went there quiet early and there are many ppl . I celebrate mid autumn at fga cyc and this year is the best ever!

Make it short
Monday, September 21, 2009 11:04 PM

I'm just too lazy to update my blog cause of exams.
Watched "Where got ghost" with my tuition mates on saturday.
Im not going to tell what happened. I did talk alot this few days.

Thanks to Po Ee who asked us out for "Orphan" on Today =]
Im getting lazy.
2 posters =]

And last before i go, lately i tried on a hair product. It is Osis+ Dust it =] Although it is nice, it is exp plox ): moving rubber


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I want to travel around the world
Stay happy all the time(;

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